Needlecraft Story

The Southern Highlands Needlecraft & Fibre Arts

We are passionate about our local area and championing the creativity and talents of our needlecraft and fibre arts community.

In Australian history, needlecraft has traditionally been women’s work – among indigenous people, on immigrant ships, in pioneer cottages, and in the modern homes and studios of needle-and-fibre artists. These important skills have been passed on through generations, from mother to daughter, or shared among like-minded enthusiasts led by dedicated tutors.

The Southern Highlands has many passionate and talented needlecrafters and fibre arts creators, educators, classes and workshops, community programs, specialty stores and a vast soft furnishing industry. From the hobbyist to internationally recognised fibre artists, we wish to and share our beautiful region with like-minded enthusiast.

Our Mission

The Southern Highlands Needlecraft and Fibre Arts aims to preserve and promote the unique talents of the Southern Highlands needlecrafters and recognise the Southern Highlands outstanding contribution to the Australian needlecraft and fibre arts scene.